Expand FUIB’s current CTP policy in Viber-banking


FUIB clients with an existing end-to-end OSIBO policy can reissue the policy within two minutes without visiting the bank branch

The first Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) was the first in Ukraine to launch a service to expand the current OSAGO policy through Viber Messenger. The service can be used by all customers who have previously issued an insurance policy FUIB. Remember that from the end of 2018 the service of registration of compulsory motor liability insurance through a messenger bank has been provided.

Vyacheslav Melikhov
FUIB Retail Insurance Business Manager

existing customer FUIBOn which the CTP insurance policy ends, they can reissue the policy within two minutes without coming to the bank branch. For comparison, offers are offered from five insurance companies, so that, if necessary, the customer can choose the best option for compulsory motor liability insurance for themselves.

The process of re-issuing a policy consists of several stages. Clients are required to examine their personal data, which are automatically drawn from the FUIB’s integrated customer base, and confirm their relevance. In the next step, choose the best offer from one of the insurance companies: ARX (formerly – AXA Insurance), ASKA, VUSO, ASKO DS or INGO. Next, confirm the new policy start date and pay the insurance payment through PayHub service with any bank’s payment card – a short link comes on Viber, by clicking on it you will be required to enter card details and The policy requires payment. After that, the customer will receive an insurance policy at the indicated email address.


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