Expert predicts that after quarantine the EU will once again open the job market to Ukrainians



Expert predicts that after quarantine the EU will once again open the job market to Ukrainians

The European Union is expected to reopen the labor market for Ukrainian migrant workers after the completion of restrictive measures linked to the pandemic.

This opinion was expressed by Vitaly Martynyuk, executive director of the Strategy XXI Globalization Center, during an online round table organized by the Gorshenin Institute “The future of the Schengen area after the coronavirus”, reports a correspondent from Ukrinform .

“In my opinion, Schengen will not be closed for Ukrainian workers because EU countries are probably not ready to raise the price of certain goods and services due to the fact that they will have to hire their workers”, a said Martyniuk.

He noted that compared to citizens of EU member states, Ukrainian labor is cheaper, which helps lower the prices of goods and services.

In addition, the expert noted that the Ukrainians are integrated into the European community and that Ukraine has signed the association agreement, which is why we are adapting European standards and rules “every day, every year” .

“Consequently, I think that only the European Union labor market will remain open and, moreover, countries like Poland will only welcome the arrival of Ukrainian labor,” noted the expert. .

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As noted, since March 15, when the first restrictions on crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border were introduced, around 150,000 Ukrainians have returned from Poland. This represents around 10% of all Ukrainian workers currently working in Poland. However, the majority – up to a million people – remained in the host country. According to an IRCenter survey from March 23 to 25, 30% of Ukrainian migrant workers in Poland have lost their job or started working on a reduced regime, 27% have had employment problems and 3% have found themselves without accommodation. Despite this, 83% of Ukrainians still want to continue working in Poland.

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