Experts advise on exchange rate


Dollar is worth buying, while there is no demand and low rate

To buy or get rid of: Experts advise on exchange rate

Experts believe that there will be a positive trend in foreign currency depreciation in Ukraine from May 4 to 8. Also, everything is subject to change.

“The inflation trend has not disappeared,” says economist Oleg Pendzin. – Trade maintains an increase in demand for foreign exchange, which will start to feel full as soon as countries start quarantine. Therefore, for those who have surpluses and want to convert them into dollars, it is time to do so on quiet days when the exchange rate is at a minimum. “

“Last week, a cash dollar sales rate began to decline, because there is practically no demand for it,” said analyst Andrei Shevchishin. – Mainly there is no demand because the population has no “extra” money left which can be invested in foreign currency. But it seems that the inter-holiday week – the last week of the low dollar and its stability, will be more expensive. Therefore, now people buying currency will earn good money by the end of the year. “

But the president of the Ukrainian Analytical Center, Hangzhou Okharymenko, has not excluded the possibility that the cash dollar may still fall on sales, reaching an average of 27.10 hryvnias. In this case, the spread will remain, that is, it will be possible to accumulate no more than 26.85.

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Recall that the National Bank of Ukraine is preparing to issue a coin with a face value of 10 UAH. New money will come into force on June 3, 2020. Gradually, the 10-hryvnia banknote will be introduced into circulation by the coins, as stated on the NBU website.

It is noted that the introduction of a new coin in vogue is associated with the adaptation and update of Hryvnia’s banknote-coin series, which has been in operation since 2014.

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