Explosions in Balakliya: Chumak Denies VSK Version of Intentional Mining



Explosions in Balakliya: Chumak Denies VSK Version of Intentional Mining

Former Deputy General Prosecutor of Ukraine Viktor Chumak rejected the version of the temporary parliamentary inquiry expressed by faction leader David Arahamia on the deliberate extraction and detonation of ammunition in the Balakliya arsenal, Kharkiv region in March 2017.

This Chumak said on Facebook.

“When this VSK was formed on the submission of one of the heads of the SBR divisions and on the initiative of David Arahamia, I brought together the entire investigation group – investigators from the SBU investigating this case from the start beginning, prosecutors ensuring his procedural management, KNIISE experts who made all the official examinations, and for more than three hours, he listened to the results of the investigation, including the conclusions on each version of the investigation. The version of “bookmarks in the ground” was therefore completely rejected, “said Chumak.

According to him, it is impossible to bookmark several kilos in the arsenal, so that no one notices.

In addition, added Chumak, there is other evidence that the first explosions were not underground.

“With all due respect, I treat the experts at the Kharkov Institute of Forensic Medicine named after Bacarius, but I don’t understand why confuse an already difficult investigation,” Chumak noted in an article.

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He also said that the prosecutor’s office “was against these statements”.

According to Ukrinform, on April 26, the chairman of the faction “Servant of the People”, David Arahamia, said that the Temporary Special Commission of the Verkhovna Rada to investigate the explosions at the ammunition depots in Balakley prepared its first report, which, in particular, questions the official version on the use of drones to undermine the arsenal.

According to him, “the examination established that the cause of one of the first explosions, with which it all started, was the detonation of special charges which had been deposited in advance in the ground. As a result of the explosion, a huge funnel formed. At the same time, after putting out the fire, up to 10 similar funnels were discovered in the arsenal, which testifies to the identical nature of their mining operations. “In addition, he noted that there are investigative documents which confirm that at the time of the explosion,” there was not “, and the information on Ukrainian traffic concerning the flight of the drone does not resist to no test and contradict common sense. “

At the end of last week, a resolution was registered on the VR site, according to which the parliamentary commission of inquiry, which clarified the circumstances of the fires in five ammunition depots from 2014 to 2018, asked to extend its six month work.

In general, the Provisional Commission of Inquiry held three meetings and managed to study the material of the case, which concerned explosions at the arsenal of the city of Balakleya, Kharkov region, where more than 91% of the ammunition and military equipment was destroyed as a result of the explosions. According to the investigation, the main version of the explosions in the technical territory of military unit A1352 is an attack by an unmanned aerial vehicle from one of the ammunition storage batteries, followed by rockets from this battery flying towards other storage facilities containing shells and missiles. However, in the opinion of the commission, it is necessary to check further whether “the explosions could not have occurred due to the deliberate planned actions of the culprits who acted for a certain time under conditions of evidence for the military personnel “.

Arahamia also said that in response to a request from the GPU deputy commission, a response was received saying that “at the operational meeting chaired by Deputy Attorney General Chumak VV, there was no sign of any preliminary ruling of almost three years on this event. “

On March 23, 2017, in the town of Balakleia, Kharkov region, a fire broke out in the territory of the military arsenal of the Ministry of Defense, followed by a detonation of ammunition and the dispersal of explosive objects to outside the arsenal. About 36,000 people have been evacuated from the affected area around artillery stores. Destroyed 392 buildings. The list of victims included 3,908 residents of the city. The fire was cleared on March 26.

Experts say the cause of a fire at several missile and artillery storage sites near Balakliia is sabotage. The investigation identified witnesses who saw how funds were dropped from an unmanned aerial vehicle, causing a detonation and explosion in the warehouses of the Ministry of Defense’s 65th Missile and Artillery Arsenal near Balakliya , as a result of which a detonation of Buk-M1 ZM9-ZRK missiles occurred in the technical territory of the arsenal “and 152 mm shells.

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