Extraordinary parliamentary meeting to be held on April 16: people’s deputies to examine 5 bills



Tomorrow’s meeting and its agenda were announced by Aleksey Goncharenko, the people’s representative of “European Solidarity”.

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This is reported by the “MFN”.

Goncharenko said that an extraordinary meeting of parliament will be held on Thursday, April 16, from 1:00 p.m. The deputies will examine 5 bills, but among them there is no so-called “anti-Colomian” law.

But there is Bill 1043, which should ban “legislative spam”. The document states that a member may not register a draft resolution on the abolition of parliamentary decisions. This can only be done with the support of 150 deputies. This bill will be examined at second reading.

In addition, the People’s Deputies should consider changing the BP regulations. In particular, the new standard stipulates that during the second reading of the bill, 150 votes are necessary to start a discussion on the amendments approved and rejected by the committee.

Next, the deputies will examine at second reading Bill No. 2653 “amending the Ukrainian law” on local self-government “.”

In addition, the bill will be put to vote no. 2398-d “On defense procurement”, also at second reading.

At first reading, the people’s deputies should examine Bill 2654 “amending certain legislative acts on the question of strengthening the protection of telecommunications networks”.

In addition, the ratification of the E5P Fund grant agreement between Ukraine and the European Investment Bank is on the agenda.

Recall that we wrote earlier that an extraordinary meeting of BP, scheduled for April 15, will not take place.

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