Face-to-face meeting: Tymoshenko and Lyashko “spotted” in a restaurant at the same table (PHOTO)



Social media is vigorously discussing the meeting of two well-known politicians – the leader of the Batkivshchyna faction, Yulia Tymoshenko, and the leader of the Ukrainian Radical Party Oleg Lyashko. The politicians’ meeting was held in the Kiev restaurant “Chinese Hello”.

Yulia Tymoshenko and Oleg Lyashko.
Yulia Tymoshenko and Oleg Lyashko. Photo –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to FacebookTatyana Lupova’s page.

Tatyana Lupova, political scientist, published a photo of the meeting between Tymoshenko and Lyashko in a restaurant in Kiev.

Politicians spoke at ease over a cup of tea on the summer terrace of the Chinese Greet restaurant in central Kiev.

Tymoshenko and Lyashko chat in a restaurant. Stock Photo –

What the head of the “homeland” and the country’s main “radical” were talking about is unknown, but versions have begun to appear in the media that politicians may be discussing the upcoming local elections to be held in Ukraine this fall.

Tatyana Lupova herself ironically noted:

“They probably say hello to Zelensky.

The axis of which I could not see today Timoshenko and Lyashko drink tea on the terrace of the Chinese Greet cafe.

Gepostet von Tatyana Lupova a m Mittwoch, 10. June 2020

As you know, earlier, there was information that Oleg Lyashko wanted to become the people’s deputy of Ukraine again. The politician will run for the people’s deputies in the 208 electoral district in the Chernihiv region.

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