Facebook and Instagram have launched a new content moderation system


Facebook and Instagram content will moderate the newly created Oversight Board

Facebook and Instagram are launching a new content moderation system: supervised by journalists, lawyers and politicians. Photo:

As the world experiences a global health crisis, social media has become a tool to protect people and communities.

At the same time, social networks can spread negative, harmful and inaccurate information. In recent years, the question of which material should be left or discarded, and which should be decided, has become increasingly relevant to society. Every content decision made by Facebook affects people and communities.

Therefore, Facebook decided to form a council that would deal with disputes over the moderation of content on social networks. The Council will consider whether this or the content complies with the policies and values ​​of Facebook and Instagram and whether it violates freedom of expression within the framework of international human rights norms. The decisions of the committee will be binding on the arbitrators.

For the council’s work, a $ 130 million fund is created, which is not controlled by Facebook. The council consisted of journalists, activists and lawyers who deal with issues of freedom of speech. They include former Danish Prime Minister Hale Thoring-Schmidt, Yemeni human rights activist and 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakul Karman, and former Guard Editor Alan Rusbridge. In total, the council will consist of 40 people.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Remember that Facebook wants to stop people from abusing social media, so it creates a platform of bots that can mimic people. This is a kind of isolated version of Facebook, where instead of living users, program bots can be linked with friends, share publications and mark them (or get angry, insulted and deceived) in the human eye. Can be away from.

The Facebook platform is described as a low, isolated social network simulation filled with fake users that simulate a variety of real-life behaviors.

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