Facebook employees staged a virtual strike


The reason for this is the lack of censorship regarding Donald Trump’s positions.

Dozens of Facebook employees went on a virtual strike. Photo:

Employees of the largest social network, Facebook, organized a virtual strike regarding Donald Trump’s post to protest his company’s position. While another Twitter social network started tagging some inflammatory messages from the president, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his company would not stop him.

As a result, dozens of Facebook employees took out the day on Monday in support of protesters taking place across the country. The virtual strike followed Facebook’s decision not to take action against Trump’s controversial post last week, which had the message, “When the robbery begins, the shooting begins.” Twitter representatives have limited the ability to view, comment and retweet the message on their platform, explaining their decision by the fact that the publication violates company rules regarding the promotion of violence.

According to The Times, Facebook employees who took the day off gave automatic replies to those who sent emails, saying they left the office to protest the company’s inaction.

Earlier, Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly stated that Facebook should follow the principle of non-interference with publications, including those regarding inaccurate statements by officials and other officials. According to the entrepreneur, users should have the right to decide what to believe.

Zuckerberg later posted a post explaining why the company did not use censorship. He said that despite the presence of a historical confusion in the record, it was omitted because the mention of the National Guard is a warning about the state’s actions, and that people should know whether the authorities planned to use force is.

A few days later, Zuckerberg published another post in which he expressed support for African Americans and all those who were fighting for justice against victims of police violence. The entrepreneur also said that Facebook has donated $ 10 million to organizations involved in racial justice.

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Earlier, we wrote that Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash had suspended work in several US cities during the curfew, which was introduced due to mass protests in the country.

Mass protests in the United States have begun since May 25, following the death of George Floyd. A man suspected of using a $ 20 counterfeit bill was detained in Minneapolis. During the house arrest, the policeman stood on his neck for about seven minutes. As a result, Floyd passed out and soon died.

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