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The social network does not promise to listen to calls and ensure security

Optional for Zoom: Facebook has launched its video chat. Photo: Daily Express

Facebook has introduced a new competitor product Zoom – Messenger Room, which is designed for group video calls. This will allow you to make video calls with up to 50 people without a time limit. Facebook reported that due to the coronavirus epidemic, the rooms were finalized and launched much earlier than planned.

“The presence of video is not a new area for us,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “But this is an area we want to highlight, and it matches the general theme, which is that we are shifting more resources across the company to focus on personal communication and private social platforms, And not just traditional and comprehensive ones. “

So it’s a good combination: We embed tools on Facebook and Instagram that help find small groups of people, so that they can have close connections later and have the opportunity to hold private meetings. “

You can create a video conference using your Messenger or Facebook account. You can enter a video conference at any time, but only by invitation. During the conference, masks, filters, and even background images will be available for the participant to hide behind.

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Remember that Facebook wants to stop people from abusing social media, so it creates a platform of bots that can mimic people. This is a kind of isolated version of Facebook, where instead of living users, program bots can be linked with friends, share publications and mark them (or get angry, insulted and deceived) in the human eye. Can do away with.

Facebook describes the platform as short, isolated social network simulations filled with fake users that simulate a variety of real-life behaviors.

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