Facebook launched the flash mob # Addictions of Russia



Facebook launched the flash mob # Addictions of Russia

Facebook launched the flash mob # Addictions of Russia

12/06.2020 12:59


Ukrainian Facebook users organized a virtual flash mob on the social network # Addictions of Russia on the occasion of Russia Day.

Ukrainians are therefore invited to write an article in Russian with the hashtag #Dependencies of Russia on June 12, before 2 p.m.

In these messages, participants are invited to express their opinions in an arbitrary form, but by adhering to the main messages. Thus, the organizers insist that there is no independence from Russia, and therefore the “Independence Day” has been renamed “Empty and meaningless Russia Day”. It is also proposed to justify the position that the whole history of the Russians is a history of dependence on others, and Russia itself is a “product of the Ukrainian siege”.

In particular, the former Deputy Minister of Information Policy (2017-2019) Dmitry Zolotukhin and the co-founder of the New Country civic platform Valery Pekar joined the flash mob.

“Today, June 12, is a symbol of the fact that the 148 million people continue to be enslaved. Slavery of their intriguing politicians. Slavery of their oligarchs who corrupt and manipulate politicians, slavery of Putin and his lords feudal, Who does not consider “independence” as a value … The Russians are slaves! With whom they can be congratulated today! Good day of addiction, muscular brothers! “- Zolotukhin noted in his post .

According to Baker, if you analyze history carefully, it turns out that Russia should celebrate the independence of Ukraine.

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“Today is Russian Day, a national holiday of the Russian Federation, which used to be called Russian Independence Day. The question arises: who is independence from? If you analyze history carefully, you will find that you mean the independence of Ukraine. The very idea of ​​transforming Muscovy into Russia is the idea of ​​Kiev of the thinkers, monks and philosophers who had the idea of ​​transforming the eastern post-Tatar barbaric kingdom into an Orthodox empire … This dependence of Russia on Ukraine remains to this day a key characteristic of the Russian state. millions of Russian cuisines speak of the same thing … In other words, there is independence day, but there is no real independence, there is only one declaration, “writes Baker.

Reference. Russia Day is a public holiday of the Russian Federation, a holiday, which is celebrated on June 12, the day of adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the RSFSR in 1990.

On June 12, 2018, Ukraine, the day of Russia, filed a complaint against Russia in a UN court. Russia is accused of public funding of terrorism and of violating the rights of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars in Crimea. The evidence consists of 29 volumes and contains over 17,500 pages of evidence, documents and other evidence in the case. The total weight is 90 kg.

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