Facebook Launches New Official Messenger App for Windows 10 and MacOS


facebook started production The new integrated Messenger app for Windows 10 and MacOS devices. With the new application, which on Windows replaces the previous application, which showed really poor performance, the Facebook messaging system can also be used from the desktop without having to go through a web browser.

Downloading the new Messenger app is, of course, free. The application is available on the Microsoft Store and the Mac App Store. To use the application, you must have Windows 10 or MacOS 10.10. Once the download is complete, simply log in using the credentials of your Facebook account.

The application will sync immediately and allow you to access Messenger completely. Calls and video calls supported (also as a group) in addition to using all the emoticons and GIFs that you can usually already use in Messenger via the Facebook website.

At the first quick test, the application seems to work very well, without the slowdowns that characterized Facebook’s previous attempts to make the Messenger client for the desktop. For more information, we recommend that you try the two applications using the direct links below to download them. Here are links to continue downloading.


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