Facebook launches user study project


Facebook will study user behavior on bots

Facebook started a project to study users: how it would work. Photo: Sobre

Facebook wants to stop people from misusing social media, so it is creating a bot platform that can emulate people. This is a kind of isolated version of Facebook, where instead of living users, program bots can be linked with friends, share publications and mark them (or get angry, insulted and cheated) with the human eye. Can do away with.

Facebook describes the platform as short, isolated social network simulations filled with fake users that simulate a variety of real-life behaviors.

For example, a scam bot may be trained to engage with a “targeted” bot that exhibits similar behavior to actual victims of Facebook scams. Other bots can be trained to invade users’ privacy or find “bad” content that violates Facebook’s rules.

Software modeling of actual behavior would allow Facebook, for example, to identify errors. However, the main goal is precisely to create a virtual version parallel to the social platform where researchers can “deploy completely isolated bots that can display arbitrary tasks and comments.”

In this case, researchers will be able to simulate user responses to changes in the platform. Often Facebook makes changes on the platform and tests them on small groups of real people. And now it will be possible to use bots for these tasks. Facebook has named its system WW – WES World. This creates a simulacron: a world of artificial personality units designed to teach us more about people.

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Recall, a new feature “Community Assistance” will appear on Facebook, which will allow users to offer or request help from their neighbors during the coronovirus epidemic. Also, the equipment will help to ask someone nearby or to donate funds to complete the assignment.

Users can view advertisements within a radius of 80 km from their location. The social network said that they saw many similar requests from users and decided to make their search for help easier by running a special function.

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