Facebook will add e-wallet to Messenger and WhatsApp


The company is preparing to launch digital currency

Facebook will add an electronic wallet to Messenger and WhatsApp. Photo:

Facebook has renamed its Calibra digital wallet to Novi, announcing integration with Messenger and WhatsApp. According to Facebook’s press service, the name “Novi” was inspired by the Latin words “Novus” – “new” and “through” – “way”.

It is specified that all Novi customers will be verified using a government-issued identification card, and the fraud protection is built into the application itself. In addition, users will have access to 24-hour support and chat support.

So far, the company has not announced the exact Novi release date, noting that the e-wallet will be available with the launch of the Libra network. Novi will be released in a limited number of countries that will issue international money transfers as “immediate, safe and hidden fees”.

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We previously wrote that the Libra Association responsible for the digital currency Facebook has applied for a payment system license with significant changes to the project from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma).

According to the new edition of the project’s white paper, Tula expects many changes, including technical ones. It is planned to develop a series of stablocks, each of which will be linked to various fiat currencies – US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and Singapore Dollar. In addition, each fixed currency will be provided with a reserve – cash or cash equivalent. The company will also develop the Libra blockchain, which will form the basis for financial services, including the new global payment system Tula.

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