Facebook will limit the number of employees in offices


At the same time, more than 25% of the employees will not be able to work in the company’s offices

Facebook will limit the number of employees in offices. Photo:

The largest social network, Facebook, will open from July 6 to open company offices across the world, in which strict security arrangements have been made. Therefore, more than 25% of employees in social network offices will not be able to work simultaneously. In this case, all personnel must wear protective masks and undergo a temperature check.

It is noted that the plan to open the office will not in any way be reflected on Facebook’s promise to all employees who may be allowed to stay at a remote location until the end of 2020 to work from home.

According to Bloomberg, the return of employees to offices is part of a multi-platform process that involves developing Oculus Glass for social network projects such as portal video chat devices and immersion in virtual reality.

It is specified that some of the company’s divisions in Asia will be able to commence operations before the July date.

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We previously wrote that tech giants Google and Facebook announced plans to open their offices in the near future, but with more flexibility at home. Therefore, Google management has informed employees that work in remote mode will be basic until at least October 2020, and possibly, by early 2021. About 10–15% of employees will still be able to return to their offices in June, which may increase security measures. But this only applies to professionals whose presence at the workplace is essential for the smooth running of information systems.

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