Famine provokes riots in Russia: Kremlin attracts troops to the capital of North Ossetia (Video)



The North Caucasus could become a hotbed of protests that could turn into pan-Russian action. Residents of North Ossetia could not bear the rapid deterioration of the situation due to the self-isolation regime, rising unemployment and a long stay in a state of uncertainty.

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Demonstrations in Vladikavkaz.
The first spark of Pan-Russian fire in North Ossetia. Photo:

Corruption and the enormous poverty of the population, as well as the threat of total impoverishment and hunger have brought the inhabitants of North Ossetia to the streets. In a country of 700,000 inhabitants, around 100,000 live below the poverty line, while senior officials of the Republic live not only in luxury, but in fat.

People demand the resignation of the head of the republic Vyacheslav Bitarov.

According to the stories of local residents, most businesses in Vladikavkaz have recently closed, only the Bavarian company, owned by the Bitarov family, operates. People had no choice but to go out.

The Kremlin threw not only the Russian police and guard, but also regular army units to disperse the protests in Vladikavkaz.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin received another powerful blow to his plans.

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