Famous low-cost faced hacker attack


The attackers were able to use the data card of 2 thousand passengers

The famous low-coster faced the hacker attack. Photo:

In early January of this year, the low-cost airline EasyJet succumbed to a cyber attack that stole the personal information of 9 million customers: their names, email addresses and travel data. According to the carrier’s website, payment card data was also stolen from 2,208 customers.

The British Office for Protection of Personal Data (ICO) obliged the company to take the necessary security measures to contact all customers, especially by changing compromised passwords. EasyJet was assured that by May 26, they would complete the notice of all customers affected by the cyber attack.

By EasyJet’s statement

Recall that due to the first Brexit, EasyJet shifted part of its business to Europe, the registration of a subsidiary easyJet Europe.

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In 2018, hackers stole financial and personal data from around 380 thousand British Airways customers. Later, airline representatives warned that hackers could gain access to bank card data for another 185 thousand passengers.

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