Fashion at the forefront of world health


Business leaders such as Apple and Nike have already started producing safety products.
face’s. Well, designers are always happy to experiment

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Fashion has always resembled artificially borne epidemics. Perhaps in the near future the presence of masks in public places will become inevitable as the availability of clothes – a great opportunity for shoppers to earn money, and fashion industry shoppers to apply their talents.

Health care became unarmed before another infection, therefore, citizens are advised to somehow protect themselves from the available means, protect themselves from others and those around them.

According to studies, wearing a mask reduces the risk of spreading the virus by 96%. But if in the manufacture and sale of medical equipment you can easily meet many of the same disadvantages as the state, all kinds of restrictions and prohibitions and bureaucratic tyagotomotin, then you cannot refuse anyone to issue protective yields.

Business leaders such as Apple and Nike have already launched face protection products. Well, designers are always happy with experiments and complex tasks, and can turn any necessary item into a luxury item.

Representative of the design elite in New York, Joe Dussett has already introduced to the public a protective mask, a hybrid of sunglasses with an electric welder mask. Of course, this safety option is a lot more convenient and elegant than a five-liter plastic bottle on the head.

Today, governments in all countries are faced with an almost impossible task: to get people to buy, wear and replace polypropylene masks daily.

But designers turned out smart and offered people a wearable option at a reasonable price, so that everyone could buy such a fashionable, but still important accessory. This innovation will give programmers a little extra money, as it will be necessary to improve the face recognition functions on smartphones.

E-Fei Chen, a designer based in the Netherlands based in the Netherlands, finds it strange that people in Europe are not as conscious as the former and are very reluctant to wear personal protective equipment. However, nothing is incomprehensible in this.

Shocking Asia is not only the birthplace of the most exotic cuisines, but also of all the deadly epidemics of the last 60 years (SARS, swine flu, Asian, Hong Kong flu). Not all of them created widespread ripples across Europe, therefore, have faced constant fear, which has not yet developed into people with insidious respiratory diseases.

The designer believes that the first thing is a question of cultural perception, and already in the second place is security. Eventually, even the most reliable method of protection will fail if it is used incorrectly.

But suspicion was found for the protective shield. For example, Eleanor J., an associate professor of epidemiology at Boston University. Murray believes that these designers “most likely, they actually stopped the movement of aerosols through the air with viruses and bacteria, but they have changed direction.” Sankia Popescu, an epidemiologist and expert in the prevention of infectious diseases, shares similar concerns:

“Currently, we have no data to claim that shields are more reliable than masks. You can discuss this topic as much as you like, but it is impossible to realize all the benefits and risks of this method until a clinical trial is conducted. “

However, the shield undoubtedly has advantages.

First, they do not interfere with reading the lips, as it is very important that deaf people have the opportunity to communicate during an epidemic procession.

And secondly, they are reusable and easy to use, which is currently a big plus in scarcity and skyrocketing prices for disposable products. After all, repeated or incorrect, or simply prolonged use of a disposable personal protective device immediately turns into a powerful bacterial weapon.

But there is no silver layer. The coronovirus epidemic highlighted all the defects in the health system of all countries, without exception, and especially the delightful status of the epidemiological branch of medicine.

Physicians only know that the eyes and the mucous membrane are still a weak spot for the virus to enter the body, so it is possible that the gradient becomes a worthy option in our non-alternating condition. While doctors are in discussion, designers create and creative approaches to existing solutions. And the possibility of the presence of people in the welder’s dark mask does not seem so remote.



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