Fedorov Denies They Will Be Fined For Not Using “DIY Home”



Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov has denied reports that fines will be imposed for refusing to install the “DIY Home” application.

Fedorov said this in an interview with DW.

“The installation of the application is designed for people’s self-awareness. There is no fine for someone who does not download the application,” said a government official.

According to him, this question is in no way regulated.

“How the Ministry of the Interior will work, and what the situation will look like, we will understand over time. I have already said more than once that it was not done to come and withdraw money from someone one, “added the Deputy Prime Minister.

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He explained that the “House of Diy” app is a common tool that allows you to understand exactly how many people and where they are, how they join, how many people live with them, etc.

“This is such analytical information. There are a lot of rumors about total control on the Internet, some kind of fines. This is a very popular topic of discussion. But in fact, the process of verifying the self-isolation works like that today. Nothing terrible is happening. ” it is only an additional tool to master the real situation, “said Fedorov.

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As noted, Mikhail Fedorov said on April 7 that he plans to use the Diya app to verify compliance with quarantine conditions and could be fined for violating his conditions.

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