Fight against debtors: fines for public service debts will increase in Ukraine



From the start of the next heating season, the State will seriously hire debtors in the area of ​​public services. In fact, according to the IMF memorandum, the government is committed to reducing the municipal debt.

Utility payments
Payments for public services. Photo –

About it, “MFN” refers to “Today“.

Thus, in order to receive money from the International Monetary Fund, the Ukrainian government has made a number of commitments. One of them is to manage municipal debts. On IMF instructions, Ukraine must resolve the problem with the debtors and regulate the payment discipline of the Ukrainians.

“Adequate and effective tools will be developed for heat suppliers to ensure timely payment by households of utility bills (in particular, by increasing fines and simplifying legislation)”, says the memorandum.

“Simplified legislation” means the ability to restructure debts:

“It’s true, the IMF is asking Ukraine to solve the debt problem for public services. There are several options to solve this problem: increase the fines, which exist now, but they do not work; restructure the debt expand the powers of tax collectors so that in the event of an insoluble situation, it is possible to abandon the debt “ said Alexander Okhrimenko, president of the Center for Ukrainian Analysis.

Recall that we wrote earlier that in Ukraine they wanted to treat debtors in a new way.



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