Finance Ministry Explained How To Pay Back Money For A WNV Trial



Finance Ministry Explained How To Pay Back Money For A WNV Trial

Finance Ministry Explained How To Pay Back Money For A WNV Trial

06/16.2020 01:27


The Ministry of Finance has developed a reimbursement mechanism for an independent external test evaluation, which did not take place at the quarantine test points.

This was reported by the department’s press service.

They noted that each participant paid an average of 145 hryvnias for each academic subject for participating in a ZNO trial. Despite the fact that 85% of this money was used to print test books, the government decided to return it.

In total, it’s about 52 million hryvnia. They will be transferred to the accounts of the regional educational quality assessment centers of the Ukrainian educational quality assessment center in Ukraine.

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Applicants must make a request to the regional department of UTsOAOU with a declaration indicating the details of the account on which the applicant or his parents wish to receive money.

On June 17, this mechanism should be approved at a government meeting, they say to the Ministry of Finance.

As reported by Ukrinform, the Cabinet of Ministers has canceled independent external testing.

The Cabinet website has now published Decree No. 480 of June 12, according to which the ZNO trial is excluded from the list of activities authorized during the quarantine period (the word “trial” is excluded in paragraph 4 of paragraph 3 of the paragraph 3 of paragraph 3 of Decree No. 392).

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Reminder: Monday, June 15, a WNV trial of Ukrainian language and literature was to take place. The ZNA test in other subjects is scheduled for June 17. The main UPR session in Ukraine will take place from June 25 to July 17, 2020.

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Earlier, due to quarantine, the Ministry of Education and Science changed the conditions of the university entry campaign. Applications and documents will be accepted from 13 to 22 August (for candidates according to the results of the UPR), and until August 16 for candidates who will pass the entrance exams to a higher education institution.

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