Finance Ministry has changed the list of payments to banks: where to get salary


42 banking institutions authorized for payment

The Finance Ministry has changed the list of payments to banks: where social assistance, salaries and pensions are now received. Photo:

The Finance Ministry has updated the list of banks through which pension, cash assistance and wages are paid to employees of budgetary institutions. According to the department, at present 42 out of 75 banks are included in the list.

“As per the requirements of paragraph 4 of the procedure for payment of pension, cash assistance and wages to the employees of budgetary institutions approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of September 26, 2001 No. 1231, (dated December 27, 2019 No. 1151 of Ukraine Ministry of Finance as amended by Resolution). The Ministry of Finance publishes a list of authorized banks, “The Finance Ministry has made a statement said in.

Therefore, 42 banks are authorized today: JSC “Oschadbank”; JSC CB Privatbank; JSC JSB “Ukrgasbank”; JSC “Ukreximbank”; Agroprosparis Bank JSC; JSC “CB” Accordbank “; Accent Bank JSC; Alpha Bank JSC; Bank Alliance JSC; Bank Vostok JSC; JSC CB Globus Bank; JSC” East Ukrainian Bank “Grant”; JSC “Idea Bank”; JSC Commercial Bank Industrialbank; JSC Bank Clearing House; Commercial Industrial Bank JSC; Bank Credit Dnepr JSC; Credit Agricole Bank JSC; JSC “Kredobank”; JSC Crystalbank; JSC AKB Live; JSC “Megabank”;

JSC Metabank; JSC International Investment Bank; Motor-Bank JSC; JSC MTB Bank; OTP Bank JSC; JSC AB Pivdeni; JSC “Piraeus Bank MKB”; Polycombank JSC; JSC “Poltava Bank”; PRAVEX-BANK JSC; JSC First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB); JSC AKB Radbunk; JSC Raiffeisen Bank Aval; Bank Stitch JSC; TAScombank JSC; JSC “Ukrstroyinvestbank”; JSC “Ukrisbank”; JSC Universal Bank; JSC Forward Bank; Unex Bank JSC.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Recall that the National Bank of Ukraine has adapted the process of transferring funds by employers to pay salaries to employees.

After the introduction of an international bank account number in Ukraine, as noted on the NBU website, the employer was able to generate a statement on crediting employees with the IBAN standard, including the account that the employee was independently Was opened in the bank of his choice.

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