Finance Ministry told how to apply for online subsidy


The best option is to apply for a subsidy without leaving your apartment

Ministry of Finance called for online subsidy issuance: How to. Photo: MRPL

How long the quarantine will remain unknown. Therefore, all possible services will be gradually transferred to online mode.

Many businesses suffer heavy losses and, in order to stay, send employees on leave at their expense, or dismiss them. Ukrainians rushed to the labor exchange and wanted to somehow get subsidies to survive and not “drown” in endless debt.

The government decided to simplify the provision of subsidy to the residents of the country. This applies to those who have been left without work and money in relation to quarantine measures and have already managed to register as unemployed.

So, in the Ministry of Economics he advised Ukrainians not to leave the house and apply for subsidies online. Apart from this, it also saves time.

Detailed instructions were issued to Ukrainians:

1. Follow the link to the website of Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine:

2. Register using an electronic signature or BankID.

3. Fill in the application for the grant and specify the bank through which you will receive it.

4. Fill in the income and expenditure details.

5. Verify that the data is correct and submit the document.

Within a few weeks, expect a message about care and decisions about its size. The subsidy is assigned to the end of the heating season and automatically transferred to the next term without additional applications.

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Recall, Mikhail Fedorov, the Minister for Digital Transformation in his social network, announced plans for the Ministry of Digital Affairs next week to launch an online platform of socially responsible business free services for the duration of quarantine. “Today, most socially responsible businesses provide many free services to citizens during the quarantine period. We plan to gather all services on one platform, ”he wrote.

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