Financial difficulties now worry one in four Ukrainians



Financial difficulties now worry one in four Ukrainians

Today, more than a third of Ukrainians are more worried about the health of their loved ones in the event of coronavirus infection, almost a third worried about rising food prices and a quarter have financial difficulties.

Witness the results of a sociological survey carried out in early April by the International Institute of Sociology in Kiev (KIIS).

“Speaking about the problems and difficulties that currently bother them, respondents most often called (up to 3 answers could be chosen): worry about the health of their loved ones – 36%; food products increased significantly – 29%; financial difficulties arose – 26%; it is difficult to buy personal protective equipment: mask, gloves, disinfectant liquid – 20%; they fear not being able to get medical care if necessary – 20%, ”noted KIIS.

Financial difficulties now worry one in four Ukrainians

Interestingly, compared to the March survey, the number of people worried about prices remained at the same level, but the number of people having financial difficulties increased by 6% (in March, 20% of these respondents).

Experiences regarding the health of loved ones were slightly weakened – in March, 38% of respondents noted them, in April – 36%. But those who are afraid of getting sick are 13% in April and 12% in March.

Since March, the number of those who find it difficult to stay at home and not to go out has increased significantly – from 7% to 12% in April.

Still concerned about the uncertainty of the situation 13%; and 11% say they have to go to another neighborhood, but the transport does not work, for 10% the difficulties are linked to the fact that you have to go to work, and public transport almost does not work.

5% of respondents say they have been sent on leave without pay, 5% also see a threat of job loss.

It has become difficult to carry out their own entrepreneurial activity – 5%; there were difficulties with the purchase of food and household items – 4%.

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The KIIS survey was conducted from April 7 to April 11, 2020 using the CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing) method using a random selection of mobile phone numbers.

The sample is representative of the adult population (aged 18 and over) of Ukraine. The sample does not include the territories which are temporarily not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities – the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The survey conducted 2,000 interviews.

The statistical error of the sample (with a probability of 0.95 and taking into account the design effect of 1.1) does not exceed: 2.2% for indicators close to 50%, 2.1% for indicators close to 25%, 1.4% – for indicators close to 10%.

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