Five ways to save money during quarantine


Despite the uncertain economy, many Ukrainians are accustomed to excessive spending

We optimize expenses: five ways to save on quarantine time

Domestic researchers say that under strict quarantine conditions, 57% of the country’s residents will run out of money in an average of four weeks or less, with 6.9% having savings for only a few days, for six months or more. 6.3%. Economists, in turn, warn: Financial consequences can be even more terrible than the consequences of an epidemic.

In such difficult times, it is important to learn how to optimize your own expenses. Self-isolation in itself is an essential economic step towards saving money. Is about Saving about 45% budget. Staying at home, Ukrainians reduce spending on cinema, restaurants, cafes and even transportation. Unless, of course, online shopping and wholesale purchases of toilet paper clash.

1. So, first of all – Need to deal with panic. This phenomenon is contagious, but almost always useless, as in economic matters the head must remain cold. Terror led Ukrainians to insist on excessive purchases, untimely currency exchange and withdrawal of funds from deposits. Keep a close eye on the situation: While the grocery store is open, and enterprises are working, purchasing a product that is not useful or bad is an extra waste of money.

We optimize spending: Five ways to save on quarantine time. Photo: SCORE

2. Take away diversity The drink. A surprising fact, but Ukrainians are classified as amateurs for abusing coffee (on average it is consumed once every 2-3 hours, which is about one thousand people of monthly budget), tea (Rarely 500 ml of water is brewed with a bag, usually half the water added) and packaged juices, which, unfortunately, are far less useful than we would like. Refusal of bottled water in favor of filtered at home would save another two thousand hurriarins.

3. Leave branded Of products. The philosophy of “strongly more expensive better” is firmly rooted in the minds of customers around the world. In fact, the added value is often earned “per brand”, with a lot of money invested in a positive perception. It is a lot more useful to spend studying composition, place of production, and reviews than buying products under “by ear” brands.

4. See free options for services. Practice shows that it is easier for the majority to spend less time for a service and pay more than vice versa. But this is a financially damaging decision, especially under quarantine. Many services offer premium service packages for free, while some offer free trial. Sometimes you still have to pay for free usage – but not financially, but by selling your attention. Therefore, it is still better to agree to watch the ads than to pay for his absence.

5. While shopping online Do not forget to use cashback and joint account. Some online stores always have personalized loyalty programs, discounts, savings and other offers. An account for a large family with friends will allow you to collect bonuses and save all. Here it is worth remembering that all kinds of promotions “two for the price of one” only make sense for collective purchases – then the savings will be real, and not fake by marketers.

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