FLP “children’s” payments: how to ask for help online



FLP “children’s” payments: how to ask for help online


05.05.2020 19:35


Individual entrepreneurs who have chosen a simplified tax system and who belong to group 1 and group 2 of single taxpayers can apply for family allowances on the official portal of the Ministry of Social Policy.

This was reported by the ministry’s press service.

“Individual allowances for entrepreneurs can be paid online for children by filling in an electronic form on the official website of the Ministry of Social Policy in the” e-services “section or via the link, as well that using the unified portal of public services “Diya”, Says the message.

At the same time, the published infographics indicate that you can also request the benefit directly by contacting the social protection service of the place of registration / residence.

The Ministry of Social Policy informs that the benefit is paid at the place of registration or actual residence.

According to the Ministry, the following documents must be submitted for registration: an application including the applicant’s personal data, data on children and data on the transfer of funds, a scanned copy of the child’s birth certificate ( children), a scanned copy of the certificate of PFU on payment of ERU (OK- form 7), a scanned copy of a document attesting residence in Ukraine (for foreigners) and a scanned copy of the decision of the district, Kiev city district and Sevastopol state administrations, the city’s executive body, in the city (if created) of the council, the village council, the village council of the United Territorial Community or the court for the establishment of guardianship (in the case of custody of a child).

The examination of the appeal continues within three working days from the date of receipt of the request with all the necessary documents.

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As noted, the Council of Ministers adopted a resolution << Quelques questions de soutien social aux familles avec enfants >>, which provides financial assistance to children for individuals – entrepreneurs who have chosen a simplified tax system and belong to the first, second group of single taxpayers.

In government, in particular, they plan to pay the FLP, which has suspended its business and lost its profits, a childcare allowance for children under 10 years of age up to a living wage.

Social Policy Minister Marina Lazebnaya said at a meeting on April 29, the Council of Ministers had allocated 1.6 billion UAH from the COVID-19 fund to pay family allowances to individual entrepreneurs.


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