Flying taxi service will be launched in Kiev


Flying taxis can save the capital from frequent traffic jams

Like the movies: A flying taxi service will be introduced in Kiev. Photo: Delphi

According to A + C Ukraine, a tender has been announced in Kiev to develop a new transport strategy, which provides for the introduction of air taxis (VTOL vertical take-off and landing aircraft). The possibilities of this type of transport have long been considered in the West and the European Union.

Air taxis can be closed, high grip and steep land. The system can be particularly promising as transfers to airports, as it will operate regardless of road network, and therefore traffic jams.

The German company Fraport AG in Frankfurt may soon offer flight taxi services to its customers. However, due to high production costs, the service will not initially be large scale. However, as the number of users increases, trips will become cheaper.

Air taxi safety issues are usually the main stumbling block. MyCopter project manager, Professor Heinrich Bülthoff, said the risk of accidents in the air is much lower than on the road, where about 3,000 people die every day in road accidents. They believe that automatic communication systems for this type of transport can be used similar to autopilots.

The public perception will be the defining moment for the introduction of Air Taxi. Another important factor is infrastructure. In cities, they are mainly interested in air transport to reduce congestion on the roads, to save space, you can also use the roofs of existing buildings.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Recall, Uber launched Kiev’s new Uber shuttle routes from Cherry and Buchi to Kiev. The first route will be Vishnevoy to Zitomirskaya metro and vice versa, the second – Buchi to Akidemorodok metro and vice versa. Both these routes will be available on weekdays from 7:00 to 21:00.

Each shuttle ride will have a fixed trip cost based on mileage: about 25 UAH from Vishnevoy to Zitomirskaya metro station and 30 UAH on the route from Buchi to Akiedmodorock metro station.

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