Fold will issue a new card with cashback in the form of bitcoin


The company is preparing to issue a new Visa card with rewards

Cryptostartup Fold will be issuing a new card in Bitcoin with cashback. Photo:

Basement, a cryptocurrency payment startup, has entered into an agreement with Visa to issue a card that will allow customers to earn bitcoins as cashback for purchases. It is reported that Fold and Visa decided to issue co-branded cards, after which they participated. Fintech fast track American Payment System.

Card users will earn bitcoins every time they make a purchase. Rewards received can be spent through retail folders buying gift cards from retailers with the Fiat denomination, or depositing them into a savings account. Currently, the card is available for pre-order on the website and in the folded application.

As noted by Fold CEO Will Reeves, the new card will allow consumers who do not know how to start using cryptocurrency to engage with bitcoin.

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It was previously reported that you can buy pizza at Domino’s through the Lightning Network. Guna has launched the Domino’s Pizzeria web portal. As it is an informal partnership, fold locations on behalf of users and convert cryptocurrency into fiat currency. In this way it is possible to ensure the smooth operation of the service. According to product manager Will Reeves, the average order is $ 25. And the average payout using LN is $ 5

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