For a VNO test, the money will be refunded, but the main thing – they will not be canceled



For a VNO test, the money will be refunded, but the main thing - they will not be canceled

For a VNO test, the money will be refunded, but the main thing – they will not be canceled


06/15.2020 22:11


Within a week, the Ministry of Finance promises to reimburse money for a WNV trial, canceled due to an increased incidence of coronaviruses. But canceling tests in general is not

The Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Finance are preparing a procedure for reimbursing funds to participants in the trial UPR due to a change in meeting format. Registered users will be able to take the test tests not remotely, as previously planned, but remotely. The 362,000 future candidates who have paid only 53 million UAH for a trial evaluation will receive their contributions (from 138 to 150 UAH depending on the region) through state banks. The specific payment mechanism is still under discussion.

Now the sites of Ukrainian and regional centers to assess the quality of education can not bear the load. “A significant number of visitors are trying to take advantage of the opportunity to undergo a trial UPR in Ukrainian language and literature at home. As soon as the number of visitors decreases, the sites will resume their work,” said UCCO.

They advise you not to worry and remind you that participants can download a test book, an answer form in Ukrainian language and literature and enter their answers in the score-setting service until 18:00 on the 19th June.

Last week, a sharp increase in the incidence of COVID-19 was on the way to the WNV trial. In order not to endanger children, the government hastily decided to cancel the main “rehearsal” of the tests. Admittedly, this rush in the context of an unstable epidemiological situation, a general nervousness of quarantine and certain radical initiatives of the deputies caused a wave of panic and rumors in the company about the possible “temporary then permanent cancellation of the UPR. Alarmed people began to unite under the slogan #RukiGetV_ZNO. Readers: VNO is and will be, this reform cannot be undone – fundamental changes in the education system and, above all, in the minds of citizens have already been formed.

Coronavirus and WNV: putting children first

The decision was made on Friday evening, when the first tests should take place on Monday, June 15.

It was a surprise not only for the pupils, parents and teachers, but also for the Ukrainian center for quality assessment of education, which has almost completed all the preparations. I had to change plans urgently.

The UCCA reported that due to the ban on testing tests in the usual format, online tests will be conducted for all registered participants. On June 15, at 11:00 a.m., participants in the VNO trial could go to their information page and download a test book for Ukrainian language and literature, as well as a response form for the notebook, complete the test tasks and submit their answers to the results definition service until June 19, then receive your result.

On June 17, at 11:00 a.m., participants registered for the WNV test will be able to download on their information pages a test book and an answer form for the subject they have chosen to take a WNV test and follow the similar procedure to complete. the task and get the test results.

The online service for establishing the results of a WNV test will run from 11:00 a.m. on June 17 to 6:00 p.m. on June 19, 2020.

During an online test, the experts from the Ukrainian Center for Educational Assessment will analyze in detail each task in the 4 most popular subjects, provide detailed explanations for all test questions in Ukrainian language and literature, l history of Ukraine, mathematics and the English language and will advise you on how to pass the main course. UPE in 2020.

For a VNO test, the money will be refunded, but the main thing - they will not be canceled

Sergey Marchenko

Since the money for the test tests was spent on the preparation of the tasks, the printing of the test books and the organization of the premises, the Ministry of Finance undertook to return them to the graduates. “The 362,000 participants who registered and paid the funds will be fully compensated,” said Minister of Finance Sergey Marchenko. – The president has given us a clear task: at the end of the day, Monday, to develop a return mechanism. It will be developed with the help of public banks. “According to him, the funds for these purposes will come from the Coronavirus Fund.” Which are only used for these purposes, as this is not a contemplated case. And I think that without problems, we can organize a refund, ”summed up Sergey Marchenko.

Hands-free WNV

All this is good, but on the eve of the education mediator, Sergei Gorbachev, said on his page at the FB, he received information from three independent sources at once, documents are being prepared in the high authorities to abolish the UPR in general. “The least I would like” to break the panic. “Furthermore, I really hope this is just a rumor, perhaps an attempt to” test the reaction of society “. However, this has aroused public enthusiasm and speculation in the form of provocative headlines “They canceled the VNO trial” (although few have noticed that it was just the offline format. – Auth.).

And further, the networks have vigorously discussed a possible “clinging” to the UPR, since the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada commission on education, science and innovation, Sergey Babak, participating in the online conference “EdCamp 2020” confirmed that the committee had indeed received bills proposing to cancel independent assessment. As in Parliament, there are “hot heads” who want to cancel the holding of the UPE this year (note!).

For a VNO test, the money will be refunded, but the main thing - they will not be canceled

Sergey Babak / Photo: Andrey Gudzenko /

“Our task is to preserve the UPR, because it is not a question of evaluation, it is a question of equal access to higher education. If we don’t do it once, I’m not sure we can come back to it. Many want to cancel it because it is easier, but much more profitable. Therefore, our task is to do everything to get there, ”said the head of the profile committee. Sergey Babak assured that the Ministry of Education and the Prime Minister are actively discussing possible testing mechanisms in the context of a coronary crisis.

“Now the Ministry of Education and Science, in collaboration with the Prime Minister, is studying specific mechanisms that would still allow children to be collected and to conduct an independent external assessment under quarantine conditions. It will be very difficult technically, particularly from the point of view of health security. But there is a way to achieve this, ”assured the chairman of the committee. With any modification of the format, the principle of “independent exterior” must be constantly maintained, the educational mediator Sergei Gorbachev is convinced.

For a VNO test, the money will be refunded, but the main thing - they will not be canceled

Sergey Gorbachkv / Photo: Gromadske

Authorities have had to refute rumors of the abolition of WNV in the near future. “Now the process of preparing the budget for 2021 is underway, and the funds for the UPR will be promised, of course. In other words, the cancellation of the USE is not even discussed,” said the minister. of Finance, Sergei Marchenko.

Although there are supporters of such an idea in the educational community.

The situation is extreme. Are there any options?

For example, Vladimir Spivakovsky, president of the Grand Corporation, believes that given the risks to children’s health, this year, exceptionally, we can refuse to perform independent external tests.

“Since the situation with VNO is a case of force majeure, a slight option is possible (temporary, only for this year) – to do without VNO,” wrote Vladimir Spivakovsky. It would be possible to take into account the grades obtained at the end of the year – this is not very fair, but the emergency conditions justify it. And yes, you have to get used to the new “turbulent” reality.

For a VNO test, the money will be refunded, but the main thing - they will not be canceled

Vladimir Spivakovsky

“I think that this coronavirus tsunami should lead to a complete overhaul of the entire education system: its content, the role of its teachers, its technologies and its evaluation system,” said a representative of an educational institution. private education.

Former Deputy Minister of Education Viktor Ognevyuk, one of the active promoters of education reform, criticized the whole situation. According to him, the “headless” ministry of education and science could not find adequate answers to the challenges posed by the pandemic. For example, when the processes take place too quickly, the department is not entitled to constant fluctuations.

“The country has a non-standard situation requiring non-standard solutions. It is clear that the WNV and the Unified Entrance Examination for Masters should be preserved, but in what format in the near future they should think very well. The abolition of the UPR will lead to the return of corruption when entering universities, society will not forgive this, ”wrote Victor Ognevyuk on his page on FB.

In a comment from Ukrinform, he noted that with the adoption of the UPR decisions this year, under the conditions of the coronavirus in Ukraine, they were already late: “Now the situation is very complicated. The mechanism for admission to universities without UPE does not yet exist. Although the technology of external evaluation is outdated, it is more in keeping with the principle of justice. “

For a VNO test, the money will be refunded, but the main thing - they will not be canceled

Victor Ognevyuk

As an option, in his opinion, we can consider testing on two subjects with a reduced volume, which for each participant will take place on the same day. At the same time, the number of test days, for the safety of the candidates, should be increased. “It is imperative to cancel the GIA, combined with the UPR for all those who will not enter universities this year (the city authorities have already done so. – Author).

On the basis of foreign experience, it is necessary to allow all those who have some work experience in the industry concerned to do without the UPR, ”suggests Viktor Ognevyuk.

He is convinced that in the future it will be necessary to develop the technology of TOUK – tests of general educational competence. Some experience has already been acquired (in particular during tests upon admission to the bench). “I see it like that. The test must be composed of 4 blocks – communicative (linguistic competence and emotional intelligence), mathematical (numerical and mathematical competence), natural (physical, chemical, biological and environmental competence) and civil (legal and historical competence). For each block, a graduate can receive a maximum of 25 points and a total of 100. The tests of general academic competence should be computerized, which will allow to see in a realistic way the numerical competence, to save resources and time. graduates and get results much faster with an objective assessment. For those who, for health reasons, cannot undergo computer tests, offer alternative options. I am sure that other possible approaches can be proposed, “said Victor Ognevyuk.

What came out of the “pretty” times “adolescent”

The whole problem is that VNO has stopped developing technologically, said former UTsKO director Igor Likarchuk. The sensational post of the education ombudsman sparked a network discussion, figuratively describing the current problems with independent testing. For example, “from a pretty teenager WNV has grown into a grossly pompous young man who must be picked up and working with him” – this is because the technology of his driving and the content of tests for WNV remain at 2007 -2008. “It was the ossification of WNV technology that did not allow it to change quickly in the event of a pandemic. Plus – refusal to change anything. Although much can be done. And then the question of canceling the UPR would not have arisen, ”commented Igor Likarchuk.

For a VNO test, the money will be refunded, but the main thing - they will not be canceled

Igor Likarchuk

He drew attention to the fact that around the WNV had developed a huge industry of “training” students to pass tests, which today involves schools and the virtual market for educational services. “In the area of ​​’preparation’, mad money turns without taxation. In many schools, the educational process in high school has long been transformed into “preparation for the delivery of the UPR,” says Likarchuk.

According to him, the crazy damage to education is caused by the evaluation of schools based on the results of the UPR. It was on the basis of the UPR results that officials at different levels began to make erroneous conclusions about the quality of work in rural schools. And these false conclusions then become the basis for making decisions harmful to rural education. In his view, the decision regarding the combination of WNV and the State Aviation Administration (final state certification – Auth.) Was also wrong. “In any case, it didn’t bring a lot of benefits to the VNO system, but it did add operational problems. I would like to emphasize that the preservation of the UPR is only possible if a substantial reform of its content, its technology, its status in the education system of the State, “underlined Igor Likarchuk.

Undoubtedly, many educators agree with him on this issue.

Oksana Polishchuk, Kiev

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