For construction organizers at Brovary Bully, you can see the maximum and maximum voice level



With a camp on the first wound of the worm, the court deprived us of the opportunity to come to the trident of the foreman with half a dozen 20 hearts before participating in the conflict with the third, standing at the last monument of Brovary.

Strilyanina in Brovary. Photo –

I suppose that the 29th herb of Brovary v_dbuvsya is in conflict with pіdpriєmtsyami, as if it were engaged in passenger transport and illegal transporters. Three participants in the rearrangement of early injuries from traumatic diseases. For this fact, there were three criminal offenses for the articles: hooliganism, rather a large group of zasosuvanny zbro, little more than a shame, but a shkozhennya mayna and illegitimate reprisals. Pіznіche involved law enforcement officers in the conflict bully, such as the backswing, to drive in two or more osb.

At first glance, it is a good idea of ​​criminal control to control financial flows in the area of ​​passenger transport. During the transport to Ukraine, it’s been a long time, part of the robot, in a yak, sorry, often comes from crime. For the information of the defender of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, 40 thousand people live in Brovary on the day of the skin. Вartіст білету 14 UAH, which means that the day the warehouse is sold є під 600,000 UAH, per month 18 million UAH, in the river 220 million UAH. Vitorg at 220 million hryvnias at a price that was grossly penniless, it is enough to take it into consideration of the fact that a significant part of it was found in Tini. The presidium saw fit to declare the fight against criminal clans and the turning point of the “frisky 1990s”.

Utim, like a man, a yak in the water, was able to deal with everything, a Strélien in Brovary could not help singing food for the grace of the police until the moment of praise.

First, in the eye, in the eye vibir mіstsya for the opposite sides siasuvannya stosunkіv mіzh. I guess there are a lot of roses in the room, there are a maximum of bags to buy. Vidrazu recession at the thought, dismantling scho vib_r is not vipadkovy. The organizer of the plot balls watched and the maximum number of votes on the way.

Friend. One hour of disassembly, and herself: 7.15 wound. At this time, if practically all local and socially active people are more likely to be at home and able to respond quickly to their homework, they will be able to attend without any problems. Vlasne, this at vіdbuvaєtsya. Judges with the number of videos in social measures, the realization of the idea transmitted the “video”.

Thirdє. Відбір зброї. For the informational police, among the participants in the rearrangement in Brovary, 16 were recognized. Risnom zbroya-this traumatic trauma, rushnitsy pump and cold zbroya. Satisfied with the collection of reliable information, technical assistance, for example, additional models, the mother-in-law says something about the “frisky 90s”. You should even start driving for the benefit of all the traumatic injuries in the United States for those who gave them the elementary friendship of the conference “journalism-rozslіduvachiv”! And, zhurnisti – people of culture, on atrocities – unseemly, aprior!

And now on coal.

On my new examination, on the right side of the Brovary camps, I will be able to monitor the information operation from the side of the national police. As such, we have acquired the necessary knowledge and cooperation for the method, arrivals, events and time of information actions, attacks and calls which must be carried out as soon as possible, therefore immediately after a single plan and plan. Thanks to our information operations, our company will have access to the singing social groups of this person, who will accept the powers of the State.

Operative є such a priyom – a voluntary respect for a negative object. To hesitate in the name of this goal of respect, which is very widespread in the Ukrainian community on the part of the city’s public health services, like bulls in the city for an hour, and in the city itself, there has more people in the Ukrainian region. In fact, the principle of national police law is fully understood. Introduce a minor to a figure, a strident in Brovary, so that a large figure repudiates his freedom.

Nevipadkovo, at that time, if all respect is restrained by the resonant uprisings in Brovary, information must be announced, then the State Bureau of Investigation should prove your marriage, so that you can call the police station in the city of Kagarlik, in the Kiev region. Schshodo of the most significant resonant survey on the increase in the number of people in Zhytomyr region, then Varto Vidnichiti, but at ZMI on the side of the NPU, they actively request information on those who do not lie on the version of Zakharenka on self defense. Anatoly Zakharenko himself, who, according to the version of the service, having cut people, having listened to serious grief, then reacted several times aggressively with the spill. In addition, even in court, the moonati are repaired, declare the possibility of a new dovnichny uv’yaznennya.

A few words about the complete information and the information operation. For information ZMI, police said that in the Brovarsky znitnenny took the fate of the company TOV “Euro-auto-alliance” (route 706). The director of Euro-Auto-Alliance TOV is Vadim Sєdov, who has also made the following arrangements: PP Express-K (hairline – Yuliya Tishchenko – sister of Mr. Tischenko, candidate for the administration of Kyiv Kyiv SN) and TOV Budmir (German director Blіnov – sister of Mr. Tischenko). For his own benefit, the people’s deputy of the people’s servants Mikola Tishchenko Sturgzhu, who heads the office of President Andrіm Єrmakom in a new suzuki, is independent of those who are born.

No less than the size of the match in the side of the conflict – PP “A.T.N”. With the founders of the company, Natalia Rudenko from Kiev, Andriy Popovichenko, a Vinnichan, and a Polish company called “URMTES”. One hour of water, partner of a Polish company leg Oleg Polischuk. Tsіkaviy us n Oleg tim, scho vin є gendre of Sergey Chebotar, the patron saint of the Minister of the Interior. Deputy of the people of the servants of the people Oleksandr Kachura, declaring that “the participants in perestroika are the members of the military group and the friend of the group brought the boyoviks from the video Vinnytsia of the company A.T.N.

Thus, the militants brought from Vinnytsia represented the interests of the company of the son-in-law of the Colonial Defender of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Chebotar. In order to clarify, the fact of not crossing the side of the Vinnytsia police station during the criminal dismantling in Kiev is explained.

Demonstration book of MVS kerivnitsva reaction on earnings behavior. 29 grass, carnival of the National Police of Ukraine adopted a decision on the side of the vikonanny of the head of the headquarters of the national police of the Vinnytsia region Yury Pedos. Yogo Intercessor – the Chief of the Criminal Police and the Operational Services Clerk were upgraded from the village. The reason for these management decisions was shortcomings and glaring shortcomings, admitted by the after-sales service and the organization of operational robots.

Ale, certainly slip into food for those for whom the son-in-law of the Minister of Colonies of the Interior Ministry asks Vinnytsia, as long as in the Kiev region there is enough bazhayushchikh for a small penny, take a lot of roses. Відповідь to finish unsuitable, I want to be on the surface. On the right, on the right, Yury Pedos will be honored by the president of the people P. Poroshenko. In this way, in my opinion, more of a nutritionally relaxed position Poroshenko at the base of his region.

The trends Vidchuv and Poroshenko himself. On the preliminary version of the fact that Andriy Biletsky Buv is practical to submit requests to participate in the program “Rendez-vous” with Y. Sokolova on “Channel 5”. Saturday, prime time evening. It is unlikely that the bi Biletsky Zmig will appear in channel 5 efiry, the memory of the role of the “National Corps” in the “Svinarchuk Za Grati” campaigns, without the punishment of Poroshenko himself. Tobto, Pedos, in my dummy, more generally in a single operation.

I have leftovers. Cherry on the cake. On liquorice, tobto, on financial flows. On the eve of a talk show by e-mail “Freedom of expression of Savik Shuster”, a thought rang, needless to say, throughout Ukraine

Vrakhovuychi the fact that only river transport from Brovarakh of passenger transport of 220 million hryvnia to the river can be safely authorized, because I have a lot of peace, there will be no problems of healthy competition in previous regions.

Pidssumovuychi, although I would like to respect you, as a whole, in order to meet the requirements of the preparation and conduct of the operation of information operations. Vaughn’s head-to-head type of operation is “helping the terrorist Ribbon”, or “going to Babchenko”. Utіm, having lost the seat and the weak food.

Ale, about tse trokhi zgodom ..



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