For Huawei, one third of 5G smartphones have their own brand


Now the historical “ban” introduced by the Trump administration Huawei It seems to be digested by the Chinese giant. The right countermeasures have come over these months (the inconvenience remains due to the lack of Google services at the top of the range, but some glimpses in this sense have appeared in recent weeks), and, first of all, on the 5G front, the company made huge strides forward.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the numbers shown during the conference with investors in which we spoke, in particular, about devices that support the new connection standard and which will reasonably monopolize the smartphone market in the medium term.

Good, Huawei said one market share 33.2% (almost an exact third of the total) recorded in the first quarter of this 2020. In short, every third smartphone in use with 5G support was produced Huawei,

That’s not all: the boom in China after the aforementioned ban in the USA, it was a thunderous patriotic wave, which led to exceeding 50% of the market share of smartphones used for 5G connection, With these assumptions, overtaking against Samsung (which, according to Strategy Analytics noted it in general for 2019) is almost certain.


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