For the first time, the metropolis plans to shut down the metro


The reason for this is the complete disinfection of stations and trains.

For the first time in 116 years: New York closed the metro as planned. Photo:

America’s largest city, New York, plans to close the metro for the first time in history. The reason for this was the cleaning and disinfection of stations and train cars. According to the metro website, now such events will be held every night from 1 to 5 pm.

It is noted that at this time additional buses will be introduced for the staff providing life support for the city. In addition, the long-distance passenger railway line at Staten Island will continue to operate.

Disinfection is done in the metro due to the coronovirus epidemic. According to New York magazine, on May 6, 329,405 cases of infection were reported in New York State, of which 183,770 were in New York City. 25,720 people were officially killed by COVID-19 or were much more likely to have the virus. At the moment, the United States has set an opposing record for the number of cases – more than 1.2 million people. This is followed by Spain – 253.682, Italy – 214.457, Great Britain – 201.101 and France 174.191. According to the WorldMeter portal, Ukraine ranks 35th on this list.

According to UNIAN, the first New York metro was closed due to adverse weather conditions, namely: due to Hurricane Irene in 2011, due to Hurricane Sandy in 2012, during a 2015 snowstorm. . This time, after 1904, for the first time, which operates around the clock in New York, is being discontinued as planned.

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According to the government’s roadmap to leave Ukraine from quarantine, the metro in Ukraine will operate in the third phase of lifting the quarantine ban and only for special transport. The metro is fully operational and all the grounds will operate in the fourth phase of the urban transport waiver.

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