For the lack of masks and skewers in the park, they will not yet be fined – the Interior Ministry



For the lack of masks and skewers in the park, they will not yet be fined - the Interior Ministry

The absence of a medical mask on the street or the preparation of a barbecue in a park or somewhere in an authorized place is not a fine.

This was stated by the President of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko on air hromadske.

He noted that this is a “state recommendation” – to wear masks, but due to the lack of masks, the police can only conduct a preventive conversation.

“Preventive discussions are one of the main tools for observing quarantine requirements, which law enforcement officials certainly use,” said Shevchenko.

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For the barbecue, which, with the arrival of good weather, the Ukrainians began to cook on the street, will not be fined either.

“Not yet, but it may be the case in the future,” said the interior ministry official.

Shevchenko also added that on the morning of March 30, the police had drawn up nearly 3,000 administrative protocols on the violation of the quarantine rules.

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As indicated, for violations of quarantine rules, sanitary-hygienic, sanitary-anti-epidemic rules and standards, a fine of 17 to 34,000 hryvnia is threatened. For this violation, a fine for officials is 34 to 170 thousand. The relevant provision has been added to article 44-3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

In particular, responsibility has been established in the event of unauthorized abandonment of the place of observation (quarantine) by a person likely to be infected with a coronavirus disease.

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In addition, sanctions can be imposed on a person for violating the orders of local authorities, for example to limit the number of people on public transport, for unauthorized trade, which puts people in danger.

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