For whom and in what time period they will cut their salary during quarantine?


Officers and personnel cut wages for the duration of quarantine measures

Whose and how much salary will be deducted for quarantine: a new bill. Photo: vs

At the time of quarantine, the salaries of officers, deputies, prosecutors, judges, management and members of state companies’ boards and supervisory boards of state companies were limited to 47.2 thousand deer (10 minimum wages). The President said this in an appeal to the citizens.

For the relevant bill number 3279-D on amendments to the state budget for 2020, 249 deputies have already voted. In the previous version, the ban was envisaged to be set up only for employees of budgetary institutions, but now the staff of the High Justice Council, VKKS, prosecutors, and NBU were added there, including MPs, judges, Constitutional Court.

Innovations should begin in April and end with the month in which quarantine ends. But at the same time, many types of aid do not come under restrictions: for temporary disabilities, for rehabilitation, to solve social problems, and also to pay annual leave.

As for leaders, members of boards and supervisory boards of state-owned companies proposed in the previous version to the Supervisory Board to review the size of these individuals’ salaries for the quarantine period, and it was now made a direct norm. It is proposed to establish this requirement as follows.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Recall that during the quarantine period the expenses of Ukrainians varied depending on the area of ​​residence. Therefore, 30% of the residents of villages and urban settlements said that their spending had increased. At the same time, 34% of urban residents noted that their spending was reduced.

According to the data, 27.7% of Ukrainians started spending more during the quarantine period. At the same time, 26% of respondents said that their expenses, in contrast, decreased slightly. A significant increase in expenses was noted by 13.5% of the respondents, a significant decrease – 16.1%.

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