Forbes has created a rating of the world’s largest companies in 2020


Two went to the Chinese bank in the first place.

Forbes has compiled ratings of the world’s largest companies: are there any Ukrainians among them

The Creed American Forbes magazine published the 18th annual ranking of the world’s largest public companies. The main selection criteria were sales, revenue, assets and market value of the companies.

Consequently, the list includes companies from 64 countries in the world. Ukraine, unfortunately, is not represented among them. Forbes noted that ratings were heavily affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, which resulted in the market value of most companies dropping significantly.

But this does not apply to everyone. Major e-commerce market players, including Amazon, Alibaba and Walmart, have survived the crisis due to the growth of online shopping. All three arose this year.

A respectable first place in the ranking of the largest companies was taken by Chinese ICBC Bank, which has a market value of $ 242.3 billion. Second place was found by the second Chinese bank, China Construction Bank ($ 203.8 billion), and third place – American bank JP Morgan Chase ($ 291.7 billion). )

According to Forbes, the world’s top 10 largest companies:

  1. ICBC (China) – $ 242.3 billion;
  2. China Construction Bank (China) – $ 203.8 billion;
  3. JP Morgan Chase (USA) – $ 291.7 billion;
  4. Berkshire Hathaway (USA) – $ 455.4 billion;
  5. Agricultural Bank of China (China) – $ 147.2 billion;
  6. Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) – $ 1,684.8 billion;
  7. Ping An Insurance Group (China) – $ 187.2 billion;
  8. Bank of America (USA) – $ 208.6 billion;
  9. Apple (USA) – $ 1,285.5 billion;
  10. Bank of China (China) – $ 112.8 billion

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Recall that in 2020, Forbes magazine counted six-dollar billionaires in Ukraine. Among the list of richest Ukrainians was the holding company SCM JSC Rinat Akhmetov, which had assets of $ 2.4 billion. He dropped to the 875 line in the 272 ranking he had previously captured, and lost 3.6 billion for the year.

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