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For seven years, the fortune of the richest Ukrainian has declined nearly six times

Forbes Ukraine named the richest Ukrainians: who is in the top ten. Photo: Information-UA

The recent re-launch of Forbes Ukraine magazine in the first issue led to the rating of one hundred richest Ukrainians. The first place was taken by Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Pinchuk and Petro Poroshenko. There is no full rating yet, as magazine subscribers have not yet received the first issue.

The updated version of the world famous magazine does not yet have a website. The Forbes branch in Russia said who visited the first 15 places. Rating participants have a total fortune of $ 31.4 billion. Forbes Ukraine estimates Akhmetov’s fate at $ 2.8 billion. Compared to the peak year of 2013, the wealthiest Ukrainian’s fortune fell nearly six times.

The first 15 participants of the rating:

  1. Rinat Akhmetov (SCM) – $ 2.8 billion;
  2. Victor Pinchuk (Interpipe) – $ 1.4 billion;
  3. Petro Poroshenko (Rochen) – $ 1.4 billion;
  4. Alexander and Galina Geregi (Epicenter) – $ 1.3 billion;
  5. Gennady Bogolubov (Privit) – $ 1.2 billion;
  6. Yuri Koshyuk (MHP) – $ 1.1 billion;
  7. Constantin Zevago (Farexpo) – $ 1.1 billion;
  8. Igor Kolomiski (Privit) – $ 1 billion;
  9. Vadim Nowinski (Smart Holding) – $ 810 million;
  10. Alexander Yaroslavsky (DCH) – $ 725 million;
  11. Vladimir Krupchak (Arkhangelsk PPM) – $ 660 million;
  12. Sergey Tigipko (TAS) – $ 650 million;
  13. Dimitri Zaporozhe (Gitalab) – $ 650 million;
  14. Filya Zhebrovskaya (Farmak) – $ 480 million;
  15. Alexey Wadatarski (Nibulon) – $ 450 million

Payment required magazine

Recall that Ukraine’s State Tax Service reported how many citizens declared income of over 1 million UAH – today Ukraine has 3150 people who can be considered millionaires. He paid 393 million UAH tax and more than 47 million military duty.

The largest number of people who have received income of more than one lakh people and have already submitted declarations live in Kiev – about 1,200 people. The Kharkov and Dnipropetrovsk regions serve as the abodes of 278 and 270 millionaires respectively.

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