Ford created a unique respirator using new technology


Ford will use masked seat ventilation technology

Filters against COVID-19: Ford created a unique respirator using seat ventilation technology. Photo: Businessman

Ford Automobile Company has announced further expansion of its production towards medical technology to help combat the coronovirus epidemic.

In addition to the face shield, masks and fans created in collaboration with GE Healthcare, Ford said it was beginning to produce a powerful air-purifying respirator with automatic filtering and air supply.

Ford devices will use F-150 pick-up seat ventilation technology. In this work, Automotive Corporation merged with the American company 3M.

“We knew that to play our role in the fight against coronaviruses, we would have to work closely with experts such as 3M to expand production of essential medical equipment and supplies,” said Ford Vice President Jim Bombick.

The new respirator, which has not yet passed the certification of regulatory authorities, includes a hood and a protective mask for the head and shoulders. The device will be equipped with a high-performance filtration system (HEPA), which provides filtered air for eight hours. The air supply system will be portable and battery operated.

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Recall that artificial intelligence firm Dataminar predicted that the next outbreak of coronavirus cases would occur in the UK and US, using analysis of messages on social networks.

The increase in the number of eyewitnesses in the area and patients with information on social networks allowed the AI ​​algorithm to identify hot spots 7–15 days before the exponential rise of coronovirus infection. The program also predicted future outbreaks in 14 different states of the United States, one week after all AI calculations were corrected.

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