Former cabinet minister and co-founder of Monobank launches new business


The new software product will allow Ukrainian business to save money and make it more efficient

Co-founder of Monobank and former Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Dimitro Doylet is starting a new business – the Software Cash Register (and more simply – the Software Cash Desk), which will allow Ukrainian business to save money and make it more efficient. Andrey Sukhov, Yuliya Guseva and Vadim Khodak are also working on the project.

As dubulet said Page On Facebook, almost every business in Ukraine is required to have a cash register. According to the entrepreneur, they are expensive and ineffective. And the cash register market is divided between several companies and is a classic oligarchy.

The new checkbox software product targets three customer segments:

  1. Small Business: Entrepreneurs who do not have a lot of sales. They will be able to use a simple web page, chatbot or mobile application, easily generate receipts and send them to the client via print or email.
  2. Online stores: Merchants will be able to integrate APIs, which will allow customers to send checks by email, in particular, upon payment and receipt of goods.
  3. Retail trade (medium and large businesses) – shops, restaurants, etc. Enterprises will receive a tool for integration with the front-system (software that is installed in a few clicks and replaces checkout).

This service will be started on 1 August. The checkbox is currently in beta and is being tested with several of the company’s partners.

Dimitri Dubulet said that the checkbox is not a monobank project.

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Earlier it was reported that the Finance Ministry of Ukraine, in collaboration with the Tax Service (STS), is preparing to launch a free fiscal application for the Software Cash Register (Settlement Transaction Registrar), which will be in trial mode in the near future Will start working.

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