Former Dynamo player arrested for attempting to kill wife



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Ognen Vukoevich with his wife and son
Former Dynamo player Ognen Vukojevic was arrested in his homeland in Croatia for threatening to kill his wife, according to Croatian

Vukoevich came home drunk and began to threaten his wife, whom he had been married since 2016, as well as his sister and mother, to kill them, according to the publication.

Upon arriving at the scene, the police raided the 36-year-old former footballer to find out if he had any weapons.

Vukoevich, who is currently the head coach of the young U-20 team from Croatia, has been arrested. A criminal case has been launched against him.

The prosecution later released Ognen. However, he was prohibited from visiting his own house in Tushkanats and approaching his wife from a distance of less than 200 meters.

Vukoevich himself in a comment on He said he hoped to resolve this situation with his family soon.

“I can confirm that due to disagreements with my wife, I had a floor interview. I was released with the obligation not to live in the same house until these disputes were completely resolved.

I believe that we will soon resolve this situation in the circle of our family, and by then I ask you to understand the need to preserve our family affairs within our four walls, ”quotes the publication Vukoevich.

Remember, Ognen defended the colors of Dynamo from 2008 to 2015, having held 141 matches for the Whites and the Blue, scoring 10 goals.

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