Forties left 40,000 Ukrainians unemployed



Forties left 40,000 Ukrainians unemployed

During the quarantine, more than 40,000 new unemployed people registered with the National Employment Service.

This was reported to Ukrinform by the press service of the National Employment Center of Ukraine.

“Since the start of the quarantine, more than 40,000 new unemployed people have registered with the employment service,” the report said.

It should be noted that on April 7, 2020, the number of unemployed registered with the National Employment Service amounted to 364 thousand people, or 41 thousand people, or 13% more than on the same date the last year.

The structure of the unemployed for the year has not changed significantly. By sex: 55% of the registered unemployed are women. By age group: 29% of registrants – under 35; 29% – 35-45 years old; 42% – over 45 years. By professional groups: workers for maintenance, operation of equipment and machines – 18%; representatives of simple professions, commerce and services workers, employees and managers – 14% each.

Since April 7, 2019, in the regional context, the number of registered unemployed has increased the most in Kiev (by 32.5%), in Ivano-Frankivsk (by 25.5%), in Lviv (by 24.8% ) and in Transcarpathia (24.3%) areas.

It is noted that, despite the introduction of quarantine and the implementation of restrictive measures to protect the health of citizens, the public employment service continues to operate normally. In the employment centers, places equipped for self-employment for citizens who intend to register as unemployed. All consultations for citizens looking for work and registered unemployed are provided by different means of distance communication: online via the official website of the National Employment Service, verified Facebook page of the National Service of employment, “Education Employment Portal”, the platform “Career Guidance and Career Development”.

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Now, in the employment centers, there is a temporary procedure for customer service, which is determined by Cabinet Decision No. 244 of March 29, 2020 on the modification of the procedure for registration, re-registration of the unemployed and keeping records of job seekers. This procedure provides that for the quarantine period, the status of unemployed is granted from the first day of filing an application for granting the status of unemployed, the payment of unemployment assistance is fixed from the first day registration. Citizens who have expressed the desire to register at the employment center can submit the applications and documents necessary for registration: by email at the employment center, where it is convenient for a person to be registered ( scanned and saved in PDF or other formats, photocopies) via a mailbox to receive correspondence from the job center (on paper – copies approved by the person’s signature). A specialist from the employment center on the day of filing the application and documents contacts the person by telephone to clarify the necessary information.

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According to the agency, during the quarantine period, unemployment assistance is paid without a personal visit to the center for the employment of the unemployed through banking institutions in accordance with the bank certificate on the opening of an account for transfer of funds.

As Ukrinform reported, the government expects to see a substantial increase in the number of unemployed in the near future.

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