Four stages of development of the coronavirus: Ukrainian doctors have expressed symptoms from the start of the infection to pneumonia



Lyudmila Antonenko, chief doctor of the Alexandrovsky hospital in Kiev, spoke about the evolution of the disease in patients infected with a coronavirus.

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4 stages in the development of the coronavirus.
The coronavirus develops in the human body in four stages. Photo:

According to her, the doctors at the hospital, observing the patients, came to the conclusion that the coronavirus in the human body develops according to the so-called two-wave principle. And each of the waves has two stages, and this manifests as follows:

1st floor. Body temperature rises, which lasts 2-3 days;

2 floors. On the 4th day, the condition improves;

3 floors. On the 5th day, a dry cough appears;

4th step. On the 6-7th day, pneumonia develops.

Patients suffer from dry cough and sore throat. At the same time, according to the chief doctor, the x-ray does not always show changes in the lungs, and pneumonia is only diagnosed with CT, and at the same time bilateral, multisegmental.

Antonenko added that patients with diabetes, hypertension and overweight are particularly at risk.

Earlier, it was reported that a weak spot had been found in the coronavirus and that it could resist it.

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