Frauders use AI to make voice deepfakes


Criminals combine machine learning with social engineering

Frauders use AI to make voice deepfakes. Photo:

Swindlers have found the application of DeepFac – a technique for synthesizing audiovisual material, based on artificial intelligence. With its help, scammers mimic the voices of real people and then, using social engineering methods, try to get people to transfer money to them.

Security consulting firm NISOS has shared a report that analyzes such a fraud attempt. Experts have released an audio recording of a voice similar to the CEO of an anonymous tech company.

The audio was sent as a voice message. In it, a “fake” owner asks one of his employees to “assist in completing an immediate business transaction”.

The attack ultimately failed, as the employee receiving the message found something wrong and sent the records to the company’s lawyers.

As the version writes The ledge, Such attacks will become more frequent in the future as deepfake tools become more readily available. After all, all that is needed to create a voice “clone” is access to multiple recordings of the selected target. The better the data and sound quality, the more successful audio will be fake. For these purposes, recordings of interviews, speeches or phone calls may be used.

The most well-known and first recorded example of an audio scam occurred in 2019, when the chief executive of a British energy company transferred € 220,000 to scammers after allegedly receiving a phone call from the CEO of the company’s head office.

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Earlier, the National Bank reported that during the quarantine in Ukraine, the number and volume of non-cash transactions with payment cards is increasing. A special challenge for the regulator is protecting citizens from payment fraud. The most popular type of scam, as previously, according to the NBU, remains social engineering and telephone fraud. In the spring, during quarantine, criminals used a new scenario – they informed citizens of the alleged loss of compensation from the state and lured this excuse, personal information and card details.

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