Freelance work is gaining popularity in Ukraine


Ukrainians are switching to freelance extensively

A new type of activity is gaining popularity in Ukraine: the best part-time job during quarantine. Photo: Cyprus

In the first week after the quarantine announcement on the Ukrainian Freelancehunt service, the number of registered users increased rapidly. Compared to February, their number increased by 43.8%.

On the freelance exchange, a month ago, an average of 550 to 800 people were registered every day, and in recent years the figure has increased to 900–1,200 registrations. Each third user noted that he was “registered in relation to the situation in the country.”

“The new freelancers are primarily full-time specialists who have stopped their free time. According to the results of our survey, 62% of newcomers have experience in the office. He decided to use forced holidays for additional income. Quarantine has become a real experiment for the labor market. “We see companies willingness and willingness to optimize processes for outsourcing and relocating part of their work processes,” says Oleg Tochi, founder of the service.

The most popular destinations between clients and freelancers are design and programming. Today, around 180 thousand subscribers and more than 500 thousand artists are on stage.

Many other freelance services are also available to Ukrainians. The most popular of them: WebLancer, Kabachik and Kework.

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Remember that remote employees are better involved in the work process than their colleagues in the office – they take 23% more action related to work responsibilities. This conclusion was made by scientists in the study of work from home.

As experts have found, leaders in out-of-office productivity are programmers, designers, and marketers: their participation is 41% higher than in office colleagues. An interesting fact is that even remote workers process more, working one hour a day than others.

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