From June 1, the gymnasiums will start operating and interregional transport will resume



From June 1, the gymnasiums will start operating and interregional transport will resume

From June 1, the gymnasiums will start operating and interregional transport will resume

05/31.2020 11:17


As of June 1, as part of the quarantine measures in Ukraine, the gymnasiums will start operating and interregional transport will resume.

This was announced during a briefing by Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“From June 1, we will have the next step to mitigate quarantine measures. From tomorrow, work on sports halls, fitness centers, swimming pools will be authorized,” said Stepanov, adding that the June 1, interregional communication also opens.

According to him, the Ministry of Health has made recommendations on the work of gymnasiums, fitness centers, interregional communication.

“If we are talking about the use of gymnasiums, fitness centers, then it is mandatory to carry out a heat shield at the entrances. If the temperature of a person is 37.2 or more, then it can not be We also recommend that the gymnasiums meet the standards of 1 person in 10. m², it is imperative that there are antiseptics at the entrance of the establishment, “explained Stepanov.

He added that gymnasium workers should wear masks or respirators.

“The operation of swimming pools is also allowed with certain restrictions on the number of people on the same track,” said Stepanov.

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The Minister stressed that during the quarantine period, the use of reusable towels in fitness centers is prohibited, that is, only personal towels must be used, the operation of SPA areas and the provision of massage services are also prohibited.

The head of the Ministry of Health recalled that Ukraine has an adaptive quarantine, the transition to the next weakening stage is only possible when the region or the region meets certain criteria.

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“If we are talking about interregional communication, then in areas which do not pass to the next stage, that is to say which do not meet the criteria … such a combination can take place with certain restrictions. For example , transportation on public transport is possible by filling no more than 50% of the seats, and all passengers must also wear masks or respirators, “said Stepanov.

The Minister noted that if the situation with the spread of the coronavirus worsens, the regional authorities may decide to end the interregional communication for a certain period.

Since March 12, the government has introduced quarantine in Ukraine to combat the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection. Commercial establishments were closed, with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and banks. The works of the Kiev, Kharkov and Dnipro metros have been stopped, the circulation of land transport in cities, interurban and interregional automobile, rail and air services has been stopped.

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On May 11, the first stage of the weakening of quarantine began. At the same time, the Cabinet of Ministers has authorized certain trade and consumer services institutions to work. The second phase of quarantine mitigation began on May 22. Until June 22, Ukraine will have adaptive quarantine.

From 1 June, rail passenger traffic in urban, regional, interregional and interregional road traffic will resume and air traffic will resume from 15 June.

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