From June 1, Ukraine opens border crossing points at the Slovak border



From June 1, Ukraine opens border crossing points at the Slovak border

From June 1, Ukraine opens border crossing points at the Slovak border

05/31.2020 12:58


Since June 1, Ukraine has opened checkpoints at the Slovak border.

This was announced on Facebook by the president of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration Alexei Petrov.

“We are opening checkpoints at the border with Slovakia.

The Chop border detachment reported that from 1 June 01:01 h. at night in Kiev time (01.01 Central Europe), the following checkpoints begin to operate: Uzhgorod – German Vyshne – open for passenger and freight traffic, the passage of pedestrians and cyclists is not allowed ; Petit Berezny – Ublya – in its entirety; Small Selmens – Big Selmens – in full from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Moscow time, “said Petrov.

He also added that the information provided by the Slovak side on the territory of the country continued to manage an emergency related to COVID-19. Only persons holding a long-stay, transit permit and persons authorized by the competent ministry may cross the Slovak border.

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As indicated, according to the order of the government, as of May 29, moreover (with the exception of those which previously operated), the work of 66 checkpoints of different categories of communications at the national border on the Ukrainian side taken back. At the same time, checkpoints at the border with neighboring countries can only function fully if the checkpoint is renewed on both sides.

The Ukrainian Border Authority sent letters and held meetings of border representatives with colleagues from the European Union and Moldova on the issue of the renewal of the passage of people and vehicles on their side in front of the checkpoints. Ukrainian controls open. The willingness of June 1 to partially resume work on checkpoints at the border with Ukraine was signaled by the Slovak and Moldovan parties. The Hungarian border guards will later inform of the new date for resumption of work at the checkpoints.

Since March 12, the government has introduced quarantine in Ukraine to fight the spread of coronavirus infection.

Since March 28, Ukraine has completely closed the border for scheduled flights, including aviation.

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