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According to the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, from May 12, they plan to authorize urban, suburban and interurban transport links.

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Vladislav Krykli spoke about it in an interview with the publication “League. Company“Writes” MFN “.

“Yes, from May 12 we want to allow transport in cities to start working. This applies to both buses and rail transport. “

At the same time, said Krykli, this is not 100% information, as it will depend on the evolution of the situation with the coronavirus until May 12:

“Later, we want to resume air communications … Naturally, I am talking about domestic aviation. Of course, we still do not know how this will be done, because the airlines do not fully understand the volume of traffic. They do not are not profitable to carry 10 passengers. In this case, it is more profitable not to fly. “

The official added that to use transportation, you must have a mask. If possible, the electric trains will measure the temperature at the entrance to the bus / wagon. In urban transport, as before, the number of passengers on a bus cannot exceed the number of seats:

“Under other conditions, the number of sick people will increase. We are now in the final stages of developing a quarantine exit plan. We will present the final version next week … The most important thing is to get permission from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. “

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