From May 4, Italy will begin to reduce quarantine



The number of deaths from coronavirus in Italy is gradually decreasing, so the government of the country has decided to start a gradual exit from quarantine.

Quarantine in Italy
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It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Air Force“.

According to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, from Monday May 4, Italy will allow people to take to the streets and meet relatives, but in small groups. In addition, the mandatory mask mode will remain.

They will allow you to walk in the parks and the region (but you cannot leave the region), they can open a café (but only for take-out orders), 5 people will be authorized to attend the funeral, and you will be able to playing sports not only near you.

From May 18, Italy plans to open even more retail stores, museums and libraries, and sports teams will be allowed to train. From June 1, beauty salons, restaurants, bars and cafes will resume their work.

At the same time, religious services will remain prohibited and studies in schools will not start until September. In addition, you will certainly have to respect social distance:

“If we start to ignore the restrictive measures, the death toll will rise again … The extension of the quarantine will literally destroy our economy. If you like Italy, keep a social distance. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that in the Czech Republic weakened quarantine.

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