From May 4 quarantine measures will start to be relaxed in Germany



Starting Monday, museums, churches, playgrounds, exhibitions and zoos will open in Germany. Of course, subject to strict health standards.

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel. Photo –

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “DW“.

At the same time, noted Chancellor Angela Merkel, federal authorities will be able to decide for themselves whether it is possible to open churches. Certain religious events, such as weddings, baptisms and commemorations, will also be allowed.

As for the opening of more frequented places, such as restaurants, according to Merkel, this is currently problematic, so “it is impossible to verify whether the people seated at the same table are parents or not”:

“This is an intermediate step in the fight against the pandemic. Next week we will be talking about additional exemptions. “

Despite the reduction of quarantine measures, German residents will still have to respect the rules of social distance:

“There is no vaccine or cure for the coronavirus. Therefore, our main goal now is to do everything to slow the spread of the virus. And I think we’ve already had some success in this area. “

We will remember, earlier, we signaled when in Ukraine the relaxation of quarantine measures will begin.

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