“Frontline” events postponed until early June – blogger talks about Kremlin plans for Ordlo



The blogger “Freethinker”, referring to his own sources close to the Russian military, who are in the occupied territory of Donbas, writes that the Russian leadership has not abandoned its plans to capture Ukraine. According to him, “the Kremlin has postponed all planned activities at the front until the summer”.

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This was reported by the portal Donpressreferring to the Telegram channel of blogger “Freethinker”, reports MFN.

The free-thinking blogger shared another ORDLO insider. According to the blogger, whom he learned from sources close to the Russian army, conservatives of the Russian Federation declared that “in Ukraine, everything is going as they wish”. The writer of the post writes that the Kremlin notes that people are returning to power in Ukraine who “will reconcile two peoples” and “that it will be possible to get along with them”.

“The conservatives of the Russian Federation are convinced that Ukraine” is gradually returning to the power of the people that Russia needs, which will reconcile the two nations. “That is to say, the leaders will get along peacefully,” reports the free thinker.

The blogger writes that the Russian army in the Donbass says that all the plans were postponed until June. But the type of plans the blogger is talking about has not been discovered, as conservatives in the Russian Federation carefully hide this information and do not tell it in advance to representatives of illegal armed groups.

“So far, all the events planned at the front have been postponed to the beginning of June, and the Russian army is talking about preparing for the” summer company “and awaiting instructions from the Kremlin,” writes the blogger. .

But, despite all the Kremlin’s plans for the future concerning the occupied territories, Moscow is not up to the L / DPR. The author of the article noted:

“The leadership of the Kremlin is now concerned about the financial and economic situation of their country, it is struggling to put out the hotbeds of popular discontent in the regions and decides how to stay in power.”

We previously reported that the head of “DPR” Pushilin made a statement regarding the closure of “DPR” cities due to the coronavirus.

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