FSB attempted to recruit senior Ukrainian naval official



FSB attempted to recruit senior Ukrainian naval official

The military counterintelligence of the security services of Ukraine revealed and blocked a new attempt to recruit representatives of the Russian FSB from Ukrainian military sailors.

This was reported by the SBU press service.

“Special service agents have discovered and documented the facts that an officer of the Ukrainian Naval Forces maintains constant contact with the current staff officers of the FSB of the Russian Federation. Among them, in particular, find traitors, former SBU soldiers Andrei Gaponenko, Petr Zima, Dmitry Pilipchenko, who in 2014 during during the annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, they sided with the enemy. 2014, Gaponenko and Pilipchenko, acting on the instructions of the Russian special services, invited him to go to the enemy’s armed forces and to help the Russians to capture Ak Ukrainian Navy Academy in Sevastopol, “- said in a press release.

As noted, the police refused this “offer”.

“After entering Ukrainian territory, he was appointed deputy commander of the armed forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The soldier has access to classified information of a particularly important nature in the defense sector, but even by carrying out that he is in the study of recruitment of Russian special services, he continued to maintain contacts with Gaponenko, Zima and Pilipchenko. “They took place during personal meetings in Crimea and Sevastopol temporarily annexed, where the soldiers made systematic trips to their loved ones, as well as mobile communications, “it was reported.

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During these contacts, representatives of the FSB of the Russian Federation learned official information about the moral and psychological state of Ukrainian military sailors, the level of their financial and material support, as well as about specific officials of the command of the Ukrainian Navy.

As a result of measures taken by the military counterintelligence of the security services of Ukraine, the high-ranking navy of the Ukrainian armed forces has not committed any particularly serious crime and has prevented any possible negative consequences for security national.

A decision is made on the revocation of military access to state secrets and the revocation of military service.

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