Funny stories that will help you make a good impression on the person you are talking to.


In most cases, some fun facts help to melt the ice, which will show that you are not only outwardly attractive, but also have a broad outlook and sense of humor.

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Imagine that you found a suitable couple on a dating site. Where to start a conversation? Well, hello, that’s clear. what next? You can, of course, honestly say: “I’m a bore, completely devoid of imagination, so don’t waste time and block me now.” However, in most cases, some fun facts help to melt the ice, which will show that you are not only outwardly attractive, but also have a broader outlook and sense of humor. Such subtle stories are never in conversation with new friends, trust me.

  1. Actor Bill Murray became a star in the comic genre as he was once caught on drugs

Once in 1970, Murray joked while boarding a plane that he was carrying two bombs in his luggage. Although it had rarely happened in those days, they searched for it and, although they did not search for bombs, they found… about five kilograms of weed. As a result, he had to leave college, and eventually ended up in the Bill comedian group The Second City, which began his illustrious career

  1. During the period of economic recovery, the death rate increases.

Studies have shown that the growth rate of an economy is related to the mortality curve, that is, mortality does not decrease during periods of economic boom, as it would be logical to assume, rather increases. When everything goes well in the economy, people indulge excessively, eat too much fatty foods, and do other tasks that are harmful to health, while during periods of recession they tend to be more at their health. Let’s focus.

  1. In the days of Franklin Roosevelt, the White House was notorious for its disgusting dishes.

Acting as the first woman in the difficult times of the Great Depression, Eleanor Roosevelt sought to bring simplicity and austerity to the White House economy, including the kitchen. However, he did not care too much about such trifles as the taste of food. For twelve years, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his guests were forced to eat the most refreshing and uncooked dishes you can imagine.

  1. Dolphie Lundgren and Grace Jones were an “influential couple” in the eighties

Jones and Lundgren met when she worked as a security guard on their show and they soon became passionate lovers. She was already a famous actress, singer and model, who led her to cinema. However, the affair soon collapsed, as Dolph could not support the girlfriend’s loose-fitting lifestyle.

  1. Disaster removes new species on Deepwater Horizon oil production platform

British Petroleum would not be able to compensate for the damage done to nature as a result of the oil spill in 2001, but the program to investigate the consequences of this environmental catastrophe was a step in the right direction. Thanks to this initiative, scientists have discovered many new species of living things in the Gulf of Mexico, including fish and squid.

  1. Sexism formalized in Ivy League elite schools

In the United States, the Federal Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination against women. However, private schools advocated exceptions to their rules for applying for the study, and achieved the goal. Ivy League colleges use this loophole to prevent girls from prevailing on their campuses.

  1. In Southeast Asia, real amphibians live

Most adult Bajao, an ethnic group living in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, can easily dive to a depth of more than 60 meters and spend 13 minutes underwater without access to oxygen. As scientists came to know, their unique characteristics were formed in the process of genetic changes over many millennia.

  1. Angels of Hell, one of the largest motorcycle clubs in the world, was previously a veteran club

In those old days, gangs of bikers were just bored of World War II veterans, who got cheap motorcycles from army stores and took off the road. The criminal glory of “angels” began much later with Sonny Barger, who, incidentally, did not fight. He organized the so-called “Auckland Chapter”.

  1. Firearms hit hardest

Such irrefutable evidence as traces of the perpetrator’s DNA is often impossible to ascertain if the firearms were used to kill. Therefore, such cases are less likely to be opened and very few prosecutions are issued against them. However, the biggest problem is that not enough money is allocated to research the problems of violence with the use of weapons, which, however, is not surprising to those who know something about America.

Developing video games with 10 violent scenes can cause traumatic stress disorder

Believe it or not, working all day on horrible details of bloody scenes can cause severe brain damage. A constant search aimed at creating photorealistic graphics and more and more terrifying details can sometimes play a game completely unhappy with the psyche of developers.


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